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How to keep organized and motivated in work

We know that routine sometimes makes us feel like we're robots, and when it comes to something out of the ordinary we struggle trying to solve the problem, even though it is so simple to solve but we cannot see it because of the monotony of our work.

Ways that we can use to have a better performance at work:

1º Organization: Keep your work area always clean, with easy access to the things you use most in your day-to-day. Nobody wants to go through a moment when their boss comes to their table, and it feels like a hurricane has passed through it.

2º Due dates: Try to find the right time for all your tasks, with more experience in the role you will know how to manage your time, make a list to prioritize your to-do's. After that, you will see how your tasks become easier to get done, and you will know each task you have for the week.

3º Challenge yourself: Have you memorized how to do your tasks, through the end to beginning ?! So it is time to optimize, try new ideas, new ways to do your work or try to look with a new perspective the value that you are adding, doing that you will find a better way to do your work, and believe it, there's always a better way to do anything.

4º Communication: Always be open to new ideas, answer every question even if it seems silly, to the person that is asking it is relevant, as the saying "The better way to learn is teaching".


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